Tuesday, December 18, 2012

S&E Win the Super Bowl. We are the Champions

Squeaky & Elvis approach the mic with icepacks on their heads because of the partying with nip and niptinis. .Elvis speaks "Two years ago mommy handed over managment of this team to us and said make me proud boys. Well..We've made our mommy proud. We want to thank our players for helping us achieve our Championship Goal. Thank You ARod for being you & best seat warmer a coach could have. Thank You David Wilson, Frank Gore, Matt Forte for being running beasts. Thank You Chris Johnson for showing us when your team sucks all you can do is run run run. Thank You Reggie Wayne for showing old men still got it. Thank You Victor Cruz, TY Hilton & Demaryious Thomas for being you. Thank You Jimmy Graham, Heath Miller & Jermaine Gresham for being great TEs. Thank You Matt Bryant for your leg and Lawrence Tynes for keeping ARod company on the bench.  Thank You to GB defense & Seattle defense for showing up when it counted. And now..just forgive me for crying..Thank You Andre Johnson for being the best receiver a coach could have. You matured with our coaching tips and became the greatest player a coach could have. Then of course, lest us not forgot the biggest Diva in the football world but we love you..Thank You Mr Tom Brady. You were demanding but played hard when we needed it. We want to finish by thanking all our fans and the #WLF community for supporting us this year on way to the championship which we won. This team proves with awesome cat coaching any player can achieve their dreams. Always remember we are two legit to quit. Thank is all. #WLF forever."

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

S&E Clinch Playoff Spot

Squeaky singing a Christmas song "Oh Christmas Tree..Oh Christmas Tree how you are so lovely..ELVIS WE CLINCHED A PLAYOFF SPOT...Elvis looks himself and runs crying to mommy with tears of pure Joy."

S&E Weekly Press Conference

Squeaky & Elvis approach the mic.."Hark do we hear S&E have won again and received the Strive for Five accolade. What is that little Christmas ornament hung so brightly on our winning tree..We scored the most points again. Oh joy! Catnip & Tuna for the Mr Tom Brady and Andre Johnson whom remember to play this week may the rest of you scramble for their crumbs because you sucked.. That is All! S&E original song..#WLF forever"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly Press Conference-RANKED #1

Squeaky & Elvis approach the mic.."I would just like to thank...*sniff.* just*um*..tears are running down Elvis' face..tears of joy..the press room is in shock..he runs to his mommy and flys in her arms...Squeaky is left at the mic...to finish...Hi I'm Squeaky..We would like to thank Andre Johnson and our opponent for benching Matt Schwab...um...Tuna and cozy slippers for all...What Elvis...Oh right...We were awarded the smackdown award again and got the the most points...and yes...WE ARE NUMBER 1....MOL TO YOUR HATERS...THAT IS ALL. #WLF FOREVER"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NFL Press Conference 7-3

Squeaky & Elvis do the S&E strut in unison while entering press room.."We are TWO LEGIT TO QUIT. Thank you to the Seattle Defense for putting the smack down on this weekend..speaking of we were awarded the smack down award this week and wait did we get the most points scored.. Yes we Did. Thank you to Jimmy Graham for showing TE can score big in this league. Kudos to Chris Johnson showing us even if your team sucks you can still play to win even if you usually don't. Tuna and pink cozy slippers for everyone along with our special catnip. Don't party to hard got another game next week. That is all..What. Holy Moly.. Thank you Mr. Tom Brady for getting us 20 points..you are the best..is that better..stop heckling us...That is all. #WLF forever.. TWO LEGIT TO QUIT."