Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NFL Press Conference 7-3

Squeaky & Elvis do the S&E strut in unison while entering press room.."We are TWO LEGIT TO QUIT. Thank you to the Seattle Defense for putting the smack down on this weekend..speaking of we were awarded the smack down award this week and wait did we get the most points scored.. Yes we Did. Thank you to Jimmy Graham for showing TE can score big in this league. Kudos to Chris Johnson showing us even if your team sucks you can still play to win even if you usually don't. Tuna and pink cozy slippers for everyone along with our special catnip. Don't party to hard got another game next week. That is all..What. Holy Moly.. Thank you Mr. Tom Brady for getting us 20 points..you are the best..is that better..stop heckling us...That is all. #WLF forever.. TWO LEGIT TO QUIT."

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